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Customer reviews have unprecedented power . Whether we are looking for a new restaurant, an electronic product, or even an online service, we always look for feedback and reviews to make informed decisions. The importance of online reviews has led to the emergence of numerous websites that are dedicated to providing reviews and recommendations of different products and services.

Reviews-Top , a leading company in the online review industry, is a platform that helps consumers make informed decisions, we work to ensure the authenticity of reviews and so that businesses can benefit from them.

In today’s competitive digital world, online reputation is critical to the success of any business. Google reviews play a vital role in customers’ perception of a business . Getting positive, authentic reviews can increase consumer trust and improve visibility in search results. On this Google reviews selling website, we will discover how you can make the most of this tool to boost your reputation and increase your sales.

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We know that user trust is key in the digital world. In fact, most people completely trust other users’ reviews. Even if they are simply online opinions, they consider them as recommendations from people close to them.

If you have a company, it is crucial to keep in mind that according to the latest market study in Spain, those businesses that have a score of less than 4 stars on Google My Business can lose potential clients at an alarming percentage !

But don’t worry, because we have legal methods to obtain reviews from real users that will improve the reputation of your profile on Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile).

Furthermore, the best of all is that the client has complete control over these reviews, since everything is completely customizable and customizable: the texts, the punctuation, the publication date, and much more.

There is no doubt that a single positive review will not mark a turning point in your online reputation. However, by consistently acquiring real reviews, we can build a strong profile on Google Business.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your online presence and increase your visibility.

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Better positioning of your business above the competition, more visits and clients. You may be better placed than other local businesses that don't have many positive reviews.

More traffic

The more keywords shared in review comments, the more traffic you will generate and possibly increase web traffic. Potential customers will grow exponentially.


Positive reviews help build trust with customers and new consumers, which is essential for reducing abandonment during the purchasing process.


We always want to make sure your comments aren't lost, that only happens if the comments are fake and that's not how we work.


The reviews we publish for businesses and companies are written in perfect Spanish by real Spanish clients.


Our reviews are 100% legal, with our service the reviews and comments you will receive on Google Places and Google Maps comply with unfair competition laws.


There is no risk of being sanctioned. The only problem you may have is managing all the new clients you may have.


Choose the punctuation and naturalness for each review. With our system, based on continuous profile analysis, we will advise you.

Our goal is to help you get long-lasting positive feedback based on real customer reviews.

We offer solutions to promote authentic customer reviews.

On our platform, we focus on increasing positive reviews for your business , even if it is located in Spain, we operate legally and transparently.

Our approach is to involve real customers to ensure that any reviews or opinions on Google Places reflect their real experience, letting you know about your companies or products. We work with you by connecting you with real clients willing to make it happen. If the rating is positive, we invite them to leave a good review on your Google Business listing .

We provide full transparency to consumers regarding feedback processing and provide them with clear information on how this process is carried out.

We answer the most common questions

All users go through a verification process, ensuring the quality of our reviews. All reviews are written by real people who want to leave positive feedback.

All reviews made are genuine reviews and verified by Google . It takes time to get it this way, but this is how we make sure it lasts forever and is completely legal.

Our system prioritizes the users closest to the company . However, it happens randomly when no one is around. This means that we cannot always guarantee that your users will be close to your business.

Without a doubt , purchasing Google Reviews through our platform is perfectly legal. We comply with laws to prevent unfair competition. We have a way to connect real users with companies who want to promote their business through reviews. Buying Google reviews in Spain is not prohibited by law, nor is Google’s review policy specifically prohibiting it .

As long as the reviews are trustworthy and posted by real users, Google won’t penalize you . These reviews are exactly the same as those regularly posted by other customers.

No. _ We strive to publish reviews in a natural and progressive manner. We make our evaluations in such a way that they appear completely authentic .

At your request we can publish from 1 review per month to 7 reviews per week, depending on your needs. This is how we guarantee organic publication .

We do not sell negative reviews.

Yes, you can buy negative reviews, but they are easily detectable by Google and can be detected and removed . In addition, you can seriously damage the reputation of businesses on Google Business and we only want to give visibility to companies, not harm them.

The companies that sell Google reviews are extensive, but at we offer real reviews and locations of the highest quality at the most competitive prices on the market .

When receiving a review, we advise you to respond , even if you just want to thank the customer for reviewing your business on Google. 

We use Bizum or PayPal to collect . We use direct purchase links to allow one-time card payments on the PayPal site.

Our goal is to help you get long-lasting positive feedback based on real customer reviews.

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